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Now Playing
Alan Brando - The Same Old Story (Extended Vocal Romantique Mix) [00:06:40]
Coming Soon
Rick De Moore - She's My Lady - Maxi Version
Pet Shop Boys - In The Night (Extended Mix)
Norma Lewis - Give Me Back My Heart
Maxthor - Separate Ways (Journey Cover)
Orlando Johnson - One Night Pleaser (Dance Version)
Susy - In My Mind (Vocal Version)
VIrgin - Super Catching Desire
Exciting Valence - One Day in Your Life (Ultra)
Recently Played Songs
10:03:51 Paul Lekakis - Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room) [00:03:07]
09:56:13 Lime - Gold Digger (Canadian Remix) [00:07:27]
09:49:51 Elise Dean - Forever (Vocal Extended Mix) [00:06:17]
09:45:40 C.C. Catch - Jump in My Car (Remix) [00:04:13]
09:38:15 Ken Martina - Fool for Love [00:07:15]

Cele mai cerute melodii

# Artist Title Count
1. Yvonne Kay Rise Up (For My Love) (club mix) 1
2. V.A. Italo Boot Mix Vol. 08 Part 2 1


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